Trying Behaviors

“Because when you trust, everything is simple. If you don’t trust, things get complicated.“ Stephen Covey – The Speed of Trust A lot has happened in just a couple of

Weeds are Flowers too…

Last September, I had the good fortune to listen to a presentation from Canadian Alpine Ski Racer, Manny Osborne Paradis. Manny’s sport is downhill ski racing in which he continues

What’s in a Name?

There may be as many reasons for naming a book as there are reasons to write one in the first place. Many titles may be descriptive of what’s inside a

Detach for Perspective

I’m lucky enough to be able to look out of my home office window at a nearby mountain. The mountain offers an abundance of recreational opportunities. People enjoy hiking, riding

FUD’s Antidote.

Back in March, we mentioned our brain’s bias to interpreting information gaps negatively. The void is filled with our friend, FUD, fear, uncertainty, and doubt. What’s referred to as our

Capability Chasm

In Ryan Holiday’s book, Ego is the Enemy, he has a chapter titled Alive or Dead Time? In this chapter, Holiday details how the civil rights and political figure Malcolm