Do More…Be More

Just over three years ago, our eldest graduated from high school. The family took the new graduate and a few friends out to a dinner to commemorate the accomplishment. Feeling

Easy v. Hard

The days quickly are getting shorter, the mornings darker and colder. The morning commute seems to consist of a repeatable routine. Hustle into the car, hit button to start it

The Right Way

The world seems to be full of great advice. How To’s infest the internet like wasps to a garbage can outside the ice cream shop in summer time. Experts abound

The Dot

I was recently introduced to a book written for young kids called, “The Dot”, written by Peter Reynolds. It is a short read with lots of pictures, and, maybe, a

Brokers’ Build…

Insurance brokers are facing challenges throughout the country. In Alberta, pain is especially acute. Insurers, hamstrung by government imposed rate caps, are frustrating insureds with making access to coverage difficult.

Anywhere But Here

About a year ago, May 2018, I had just enjoyed a nice customer visit and was leaving their parking lot. Being uber keen, a striver, a charger, a disciplined, driven,

The 3 C’s of Character

At Broker Builder, we have crafted a framework to use as a template for both hiring and performance reviews. We call it: The 3 C’s of Character: Competence, Commitment, and Coachability. In short, Competence