D – Delight in Discipline

Self-discipline is a hallmark of the healthy, wealthy, and wise. Discipline is a tool that successful people possess and develop. Being able to take actions in the moment that may be counter to our urges or less than pleasurable yet beneficial to our longer-term pursuits is what self-discipline is about. It reflects being able to keep our eyes on the prize. Discipline is about making the right choice. The one that may be seen as hard and not easy. It’s

The Go Giver – Book Review

The Go Giver is a business parable that offers a lively read written by Bob Burg and John David Mann. In The Go Giver, the reader rides along with Joe, a high charging ambitious account executive, as Joe is introduced to “The Secret”, a simple, yet powerful framework that focuses Joe to change his outlook and approach to work resulting in dramatic constructive changes. Joe learns that “The Secret” can be summed up in a single word, “giving”. His mentor

C – Cultivate Conscientiousness, Commitment, and Competence

Cultivating Conscientiousness, Commitment, and Competence is about taking ownership of our role in making things happen. To cultivate according to the Oxford dictionary is to “try to acquire or develop a quality or skill.” Cultivate is a verb that implies action on the part of the person doing it. It’s an extension of our letter B of Building Belief in the power of our own contribution/efforts/actions. We’re owning responsibility for our results and proactively pursuing the values of conscientiousness, commitment,

This Matters to Me

In 2013, a study done by Gallup looked at employee engagement. The findings suggested an avalanche of apathy in the workplace. Unfortunately, 70% of employees expressed being disengaged at work. Neither employee nor employer can feel good about these results. Having offices staffed with people stumbling disinterestedly through workdays isn’t doing anyone any favors. Digging deeper, the researchers found even more troubling information. A quarter of the disengaged were so fed up that they were what the researchers termed actively

The Alphabet of Accomplishment – B – Build Belief

Adopting an aspiration, charting a course, or determining a direction all have as their seed the acorn of agency. Agency is another word for self-belief. It reflects a conviction that your actions make a difference. A decision to do has at its root a belief that you’re capable. Without the belief in ourselves that we have a chance to succeed, we’re unlikely to exert the effort. If we want our life to flourish into a strong, powerful Oak tree capable

The Alchemy of Anger

The word “ire” originated almost a thousand years ago emerging in the 11th century from Latin’s ira meaning anger, rage, passion. In the 1300s “ire” developed in the French language where it similarly meant anger, wrath, or violence. Today ire is considered as a synonym for anger. It reflects a hostile energy, a bubbling brood. Ire is often seen in a negative light as something to avoid openly expressing. However, ire is also part of words like desire and inspire.

The Alphabet of Accomplishment – A

We’ve been working over the years on an idea “The Alphabet of Achievement.” 26 topics, one for each letter of the alphabet that offer areas to focus upon that may help us get better at the things we care about. We’ll be introducing one every two weeks in 2024 starting this week with the letter A. A: Ambition, achievement, and aspiration: for each of these have admiration. Setting goals, striving, and seeking improvement aren’t things to shy away from or

The 3 F’s of Fulfillment

In the 2014 movie, The Gambler, Mark Wahlberg plays the role of a “has-been” author that’s an English professor with a gambling problem. As the movie takes Wahlberg on various gambling disasters, Wahlberg meets shady characters of the underworld that help him continue to live to play another day. Wahlberg bounces from one loan shark to another in a continuous quest to keep his head above water and get that one win that will help him get to even. Wahlberg’s

The Science of Self-Discipline by Peter Hollins – Book Review

We’ll kick off 2024 with a look at Peter Hollins’ The Science of Self-Discipline. As we find our footing in the New Year and keep chipping away at our commitment to resolutions, perhaps a closer look at what constitutes self-discipline and how we can develop it may be helpful. A starting premise of the book is that even though some science suggests some of us are born with more natural propensity toward discipline than others, our biological basis of discipline

The Perfect Breath

Breathing is something we’re each doing. I hope. All day, all night, every day without giving it any thought. On average we’re breathing 15-20 times per minute. That’s more than 25,000 times a day. Over the course of our lives, we’re breathing more than half a billion times. This act is at the essence of our existence. We can go without food for weeks, without water for days, but without the ability to breathe, we’re finished in minutes. As important as inhalations are,

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