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" Having your own premium finance service is a great way to increase income and not create any extra work for your organization.

Broker Builder enables you to earn significant additional
income on business you've
already worked hard to get.
Before Broker Builder, that
income was walking out the

Broker Builder Services - Premium finance services, commercial brokerage services, insurance broker services, insurance agency software

Broker Builder assists Insurance Brokerages in establishing an in house premium finance service.

Broker Builder:

insurance agency software, business financing canada Helps brokerages identify profit potential and develop business plans.
captive premium software, premium financing canada Assists in determining capital requirements and facilitates access to capital sources.
premium finance quoting software, insurance payment software, insurance broking software Provides access to customized quoting system.
premium financing software, insurance software solutions Coordinates withdrawals from insured accounts.
premium finance alberta, commercial insurance brokerage, in house premium finance Arranges deposits to Brokerage PF Account.
insurance agency software, commercial brokerage services Releases Notice of Acceptance to Insureds and Notice of Assignment to Insurers.
captive premium software, premium finance specialists Monitors insured re-payments and manages these per Brokerage instruction.
premium finance canada, Alberta, Ontario, BC Manages mid-term policy changes which impact on finance agreement.
commercial brokerage services, insurance finance company Provides Accounting and Management Reports to Brokerage monthly or upon request.
premium finance services, insurance broker services Maintains all accounting for the Brokerage’s Premium Finance account.
business financing canada, insurance agency software Provides system support and general premium finance business advice as required.
in house premium finance, insurance agency software Provides staff training and training materials.
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