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" When our clients see the income premium finance companies are making from their brokerages, they decide there has to be a better way.

Not being prepared to handle everything involved in owning and operating a premium finance company themselves, they talk to Broker Builder, the only company with the complete package—knowledge, experience, technology, and a turn key program."

Premium Finance Quoting Software, Commercial Brokerage Services, Insurance Agency Software, Premium Financing Software

Broker Builder’s Quoting Module is a comprehensive, customizable, on line software system which affords you great freedom to offer a wide range of premium finance options yet be sure that no loans outside of your desired parameters are capable of being sent out.

  Unlimited Loan Structures Available.
  3 Types of Finance Charge Calculations Available:
Annualized Percentage Rate (APR)
Fixed Finance Charge (A Fixed Dollar Amount)
Surcharge or Flat Rate (A percentage of the total premium, comparable to carrier plans).
  Unlimited Rate Tiers Available.
  Quotes Can be Generated within 10 Clicks.
  Unlimited Users.
  Unlimited Insurer Listing Customized for Your Markets.
  Proven, Comprehensive Premium Finance Agreement.
  Endorsements may be quoted & managed on the fly.

To experience a full system demonstration, please contact us.

Additional training tools such as BBPFQuickReference.pdf are available.

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