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" Owning your own premium finance company is highly profitable and gives you more control over your business. You decide which accounts you want to finance. You determine the loan structures and rates.

The best part is, Broker Builder makes the process easy and painless. There may be no large capital investment and you'll be up and running in as little as six weeks."

How Your Own Premium Finance Program Benefits Your Broker

In House Premium Financing is simply making agency billed business an additional profit center for your brokerage. Convert receivables into revenues by taking control of the billing process. It’s doing the same differently to achieve substantial additional profits.

Are you interested in increasing your revenues on existing business by 1/3 or more? Are you looking for a way to grow profits on current business by 50% or more? Establishing your own premium finance program allows you to accomplish both of these objectives with no capital outlay. Let Broker Builder show you how

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